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Contemplative Retreats

A Contemplative Retreat is the practice of pulling away from our normal everyday activities to be still and present before God. Jesus often retreated to a quiet place to pray (Mark 1:35). In the midst of ministry busyness, Jesus recognized his disciples’ weariness and beckoned them, “Come away with me to a quiet place and rest” (Mark 6:31). 

Today, Jesus continues to call out to us, “Get away with me and I’ll teach you how to take a real rest” (Matthew 11:28).  You don’t need deep pockets or nice facilities in order to take a spiritual retreat. What is most needed is a willing heart. From time to time, we need the company of hospitable friends who would dig a hole in a roof to help clear a path for us to Jesus (Mark 2:1-12). 

"Come away with me to a quiet place and rest" -Mark 6:31.

If you are interested in having Mosaic Formation facilitate a contemplative retreat for your group, please fill out the interest form below. We will prayerfully consider each request and respond within one week about our availability to serve you. We also facilitate contemplative retreats that are open to the public a few times per year. Join our mailing list to receive announcements about these retreats or check our events page from time to time. 

The spiritual retreat I just attended is the first (prayerfully of many) retreat where South African ministry leaders across all different church traditions were able to engage with the deep well of the contemplative tradition no longer from afar as a distant friend but up close as an intimate child. This is a great gift that our brothers and sisters all around the world should have more access to. I am so grateful these resources are finally becoming accessible to the rest of us. Truly grateful for every person that makes this a reality

Muchas gracias for your support which allowed David to come bless our World Orphans Guatemala Team. The work in Guatemala is often taxing and heavy that can easily lead to burn out. David came down to Guatemala with a true servant's heart eager to encourage, build up, and connect our souls to Jesus. Each team member shared how God used David and the tools of Mosaic Formation to bring renewal and refreshment.

Our Financial Model - Freely Receive, Freely Give

Recipients of Mosaic Formation’s ministry services are beneficiaries of someone else’s generosity rather than paying customers. When we say “yes” to serving an individual or group, it is a prayerfully discerned “yes” that is free from financial requirements or expectations. You will be invited (not obligated) to prayerfully consider offering financial gifts to Mosaic Formation that allow us to generously serve future recipients of our ministries.