Mosaic Formation

Mosaic Network

The Mosaic Network is a community of fiscally sponsored formation ministers who share the following commitments to expand access to spiritual formation care:

Underserved Communities

We commit to prioritizing ministry to underserved communities and the leaders who serve them.

Intercultural Agility

We commit to developing intercultural agility and being faithful to a Revelation 7 vision of a global Christian family.

Spiritual Mosaic

We commit to humbly allowing our understanding of spiritual formation to be shaped by how the Spirit works among the mosaic of God’s people.

Freely Receive, Freely Give

We commit to cultivating mutual generosity with our ministry offerings.

Mosaic Network Directory

The spiritual directors, retreat facilitators, coaches, and spiritual formation ministries listed below share the commitments of the Mosaic Network.

Note: Each person/ministry in this role in this directory is individually responsible as a solo practitioner and not employed by Mosaic Formation in this role. By accessing and using this list you understand and agree that Mosaic Formationis in no way responsible for the acts, omissions or services of any of the members listed or for any other actions taken.

Dwell Soul Care

Dwell Soul Care is a spiritual direction and soul care ministry whose mission is to offer safe space for fellow travelers on the Christian spiritual journey to experience the loving hospitality of Jesus. Dwell Soul Care was born out of a vision of  God’s hospitality to us, which He invites us to experience as we open our souls in hospitality to Him.  When I offer spiritual direction, it is  about setting that table, providing space to come as we are to share our story with and direct our gazes to Jesus – the one who sees us, knows us, and sustains us. My prayer for my directees, is that they too would “taste and see that the Lord is good” and know increasingly what it is to “dwell in the house of the Lord” together. 

Main Contact: Chrissy Chang, Associate Director of Mosaic Network
Location: Houston, Texas, United States

Elim Soul Formation

Elim, an oasis of twelve springs and seventy palm trees, provided a refreshing stop for God’s people as they sojourned through the wilderness of Shur (meaning “a wall, hemmed in”. I envision Elim Soul Formation to hold space for people today to pause and to take time to notice God’s formational work in them, even and particularly in those “hemmed-in” and “bitter” places of life and ministry. My prayer is that through spiritual direction, soul care retreats, formational workshops, and transforming communities, we learn to tune our souls to the whispering voice of God, live and serve out of our deeply rooted beloved identity, and grow in our lifelong journey of transformation in Christ.

Main Contact: Clara Louie
Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States

Porch Swing Soul Care

The Porch Swing Soul Care community is all about taking a break from our daily doings and spending a good while just being, on a metaphorical porch swing. We provide soul care experiences and resources to help you rest and delight in Our Creator. Founder, Izabela Cormier, is a Spiritual Director who is passionate about holistic, trauma-informed, culturally-competent soul care. A charismatic contemplative, with a high regard for scripture and intentional community, Izabela is particularly interested in accompanying ministers, leaders, and creatives, as they endeavor to care for their souls.

Main Contact: Izabela Cormier
Location: New Orleans, Louisiana, United States

Renew Formation

Renew Formation’s mission is to facilitate individual, organizational and community renewal through spiritual formation care and training. Raquel Lopez Rogers is passionate about serving and walking alongside Christian leaders across cultures in their transformational journey towards embodying God’s flourishing community. She focuses on creating spaces to be with God through spiritual direction, contemplative soul care retreats, and transformational training workshops. The prayer is that leaders live in an abiding co-creating way-of-life with God that leads to a relational journey of love, renewal, and oneness with God and others.

Main Contact: Raquel Lopez Rogers
Location: Raleigh, North Carolina, United States

Tapestry Soul Care

Tapestry is a Christian soul care and spiritual formation ministry whose mission is to host spaces where leaders across cultures can experience God’s care for their souls. They do this by nurturing Christian leaders and communities to envision how the threads of their lives (whether simple or intricate) are being woven in ways that reflect the beauty that the Master Weaver intended. Their prayer is that many experience God’s life-changing love and power through all the ministry threads Tapestry has to offer.

Main Contact: Jovin Adjeitey
Location: Ghana, West Africa

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