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Spiritual Discernment

Spiritual Discernment is the lifestyle of “listening for God’s voice in everything we do, everywhere we go” (Proverbs 3:5, MSG). We often talk about spiritual discernment in the context of high-stakes decision-making. But discernment is about so much more than making “good and right” decisions. It is about seeking the will of God, so that our desires can align with His. Amazingly, the Holy Spirit speaks and reveals the heart of God to us. Our part is to pay attention, to recognize the voice of Jesus, and to do the will of God. 

Spiritual Discernment Services We Offer

We teach a 3-hour workshop a few times each year for the general public or privately for your group, focusing primarily on the subject of hearing God’s voice. We draw insights from the Scriptures and explore principles of discernment taught by Ignatius of Loyola that help us grow as discerners of God’s will. Workshops are listed on our Events page.

We equip individuals and groups facing high-stakes decisions with principles and a process that can help them pay attention to God’s voice, process complex emotions, and align their wills to God. 

We facilitate a multi-session discernment process for groups making weighty decisions together that is built upon listening and trust, in God and in one another.

If you are interested in any of our spiritual discernment offerings, please fill out the interest form below. We will prayerfully consider each request and respond within one week about our availability to serve you. 

I'm truly grateful for Mosaic's workshop on discernment as it has been a prayer of mine to cultivate a more deliberate practice of discerning God's will. David's presentation provided an easily accessible and applicable practice that new and maturing Christians could understand... The encouragement to view discernment through the lens of relationship rather than results is a major paradigm shift in approaching this spiritual practice.

Thank you for making this possible to me. I am growing as a Christ-follower in living a discerning life and learning to listen to God's voice with others through offering spiritual direction. This webinar was especially helpful. As a supported missionary, the fact that this was available without the normal North American cost was significant. Most of our ministry is also to the "under-resourced" around the world..and so we understand the effort involved in making resources available to those who cannot afford them.

Our Financial Model - Freely Receive, Freely Give

Recipients of Mosaic Formation’s ministry services are beneficiaries of someone else’s generosity rather than paying customers. When we say “yes” to serving an individual or group, it is a prayerfully discerned “yes” that is free from financial requirements or expectations. You will be invited (not obligated) to prayerfully consider offering financial gifts to Mosaic Formation that allow us to generously serve future recipients of our ministries.