Mosaic Formation

Intercultural Agility (IA)

We live in the most globalized world in human history. Many of us live in areas where a significant portion of the population was born outside of their country of residence. When we inevitably encounter intercultural differences with others, we may experience disorientation in various ways. But what if these encounters were actually opportunities to better understand who God is, who we are within our global family, and how diverse peoples of the world are being transformed in Christ’s image? One skill might mean the difference between deepening divisions and spiritual transformation—Intercultural Agility (IA).

Intercultural agility is the ability to create new cultural spaces by anticipating, recognizing, and adjusting to the culturally defined behaviors of others. Developing IA helps us become more culturally intelligent and adaptive in our relationships and promotes a culture of humility and mutuality, where everyone is a learner and a giver.

Mosaic Formation offers IA training, coaching, and consulting for individuals and groups. Topics include worldview and the multiple dimensions of culture. If you are interested in IA services, please fill out the interest form below. We will prayerfully consider each request and respond within one week about our availability to serve you.

Your generosity exposed our church to intercultural intelligence. I believe that this teaching will help me identify and navigate cultural differences within the staff and the with the people in our congregation.

Cindy has great ability in helping participants see situations and Scripture passages from diverse perspectives, with her familiarity of deep cultural patterns. Using interactive approaches, she helped us get acquainted with the various dimensions of culture, and at the same time apply it to ourselves in ways that were deeply personal. I left the workshop feeling encouraged and refreshed, that fostering third culture spaces is possible, and that the Word of God has already paved the way for us in this!

Our Financial Model - Freely Receive, Freely Give

Recipients of Mosaic Formation’s ministry services are beneficiaries of someone else’s generosity rather than paying customers. When we say “yes” to serving an individual or group, it is a prayerfully discerned “yes” that is free from financial requirements or expectations. You will be invited (not obligated) to prayerfully consider offering financial gifts to Mosaic Formation that allow us to generously serve future recipients of our ministries.