Mosaic Formation

Spiritual Direction

Christian Spiritual Direction is a kind of spiritual companionship where one person (spiritual director) creates hospitable space for another (directee) to notice God’s presence, voice, and activity in his or her life, and to respond to God in prayer. Spiritual direction focuses on one’s relationship with God rather than problems that need to be fixed or wounds that need to be healed or goals that need to be accomplished. It is about listening together to the Holy Spirit rather than a directee seeking a spiritual director’s counsel or insights. Spiritual direction meetings usually occur once a month, for an hour each time. 

If you are interested in spiritual direction with one of Mosaic Formation’s trained spiritual directors, please fill out the interest form below. We will prayerfully consider each request and respond within one week about our availability to serve you. 

Additionally, we offer a directory of fiscally sponsored spiritual directors who are part of the Mosaic Network and share the vision and financial model of Mosaic Formation.

David has been a true blessing to my ministry! Through Spiritual Direction with him, he has helped me to navigate back to God's life-giving waters time and time again. I appreciate his expertise in multiple styles of engagement, from cultivating sacred space to wise coaching, based on what I state my needs are at the time. With David's help, I have been better equipped to combat the many demands of ministry—from doubt to burnout. I HIGHLY recommend Mosaic Formation to my clergy colleagues!

Our Financial Model - Freely Receive, Freely Give

Recipients of Mosaic Formation’s ministry services are beneficiaries of someone else’s generosity rather than paying customers. When we say “yes” to serving an individual or group, it is a prayerfully discerned “yes” that is free from financial requirements or expectations. You will be invited (not obligated) to prayerfully consider offering financial gifts to Mosaic Formation that allow us to generously serve future recipients of our ministries.