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The Enneagram of Christlike Virtues seeks to help us discern how the Holy Spirit might be at work to make us more like Christ through a transformational journey of deepening trust in God.

The Enneagram of Christlike Virtues is an alternative approach to applying the Enneagram as a tool for Christian spiritual formation. Most Enneagram books on the market today are built around a personality-types framework, sometimes called The Enneagram of Personality. In that paradigm, the nine numbers of the Enneagram represent nine distinct personality types, and there are rules for how the nine numbers interact with each other based on a particular symbol. 

In contrast, we are taking a virtues-based approach where the numbers represent nine Christlike qualities or virtues. So for example, Enneagram ONE, rather than representing “The Good Person” personality type, it represents the Christlike virtue of “grace-filled Righteousness.” 

Learn more about the history of the Enneagram, the WEPSS Profile, our unique approach with this tool, and the Enneagram services we provide:

Our Christ-Virtues Approach to the Enneagram...

Mosaic Formation utilizes the Enneagram as a tool for Christian Spiritual Formation. Christian Spiritual Formation can be simply defined as the lifelong journey of being transformed by the love of God the Father into the image and likeness of Jesus through the power of the Holy Spirit, so we can love God and others. This is the point of whatever we do with the Enneagram. We begin our workshops or consultation sessions with humble prayer, asking the Holy Spirit to help us pay attention to the particular areas in our lives God desires to sanctify and transform in Christlikeness.

The WEPSS Enneagram Test

Our preferred assessment tool is the 200-question Wagner Enneagram Personality Style Scales (WEPSS) that provides three sets of meaningful scores for all nine numbers: total scores, resourceful scores, and less-resourceful scores. Beyond identifying one’s predominant personality style, the WEPSS presents a more holistic picture of how all nine numbers are in play in an individual. Additionally, the WEPSS is the only Enneagram inventory published by a major psychological test company and reviewed in Buros’s Mental Measurements Yearbook, a respected authority in the testing field. Tests can be purchased for $15 directly from WEPSS.

Enneagram Workshops

We teach 3.5-hour workshops several times each year for the general public or private workshops for your group with a distinctly Christian approach to using the Enneagram for Christian formation. Each participant takes an online WEPSS Enneagram assessment before the workshop. With detailed and personalized results in hand, we explore insights offered by this tool.

Enneagram Consultations

We provide 60-minute or 90-minute consultations for individuals, couples, and teams. We take a detailed look at your WEPSS profiles, reviewing not only your unique personality traits, gifts, and “deadly sins” but also how the Holy Spirit may be at work to transform you in Christlikeness.

Enneagram Training

Periodically, we offer a 15-hour training program over Zoom that prepares trainees to companion others with the Enneagram from a virtues-based rather than personality-based approach. This program is designed for spiritual directors, coaches, and pastors interested in utilizing the Enneagram within their ministry context. Prior attendance at a Mosaic Formation workshop or consultation is required.

If you are interested in receiving Enneagram services such as individual/couples/group consultations, private workshops, or training, please fill out the interest form below. We will prayerfully consider each request and let you know within one week whether we are available to serve you. 

I live in Egypt and it would have been very hard for me to pay for this workshop for many reasons, - it is very hard to wire money - it would have been too much for me to pay. So thank you so much for making it possible for me to attend this workshop.

I recently participated in the Enneagram Workshop from Mosaic. I must admit that prior to Mosaics teaching, I was quite the pessimist/cynic regarding the enneagram. Mosaic's unique lens of helping us to see the enneagram as Christ's virtues has redeemed this tool and helped me to understand myself, my sin, and my need to be more connected to Jesus.

Our Financial Model - Freely Receive, Freely Give

Recipients of Mosaic Formation’s ministry services are beneficiaries of someone else’s generosity rather than paying customers. When we say “yes” to serving an individual or group, it is a prayerfully discerned “yes” that is free from financial requirements or expectations. You will be invited (not obligated) to prayerfully consider offering financial gifts to Mosaic Formation that allow us to generously serve future recipients of our ministries.